Our mission at Appalachian Abattoir is to provide the highest quality products with the highest level of service while pursuing efficiency, sustainability, and providing educational opportunities for staff, producers and students throughout the region.


Buzz Food Service has expanded its current business offerings to provide access to local beef, pork and lamb. When it comes to Appalachian Abattoir’s business pillars, we have three goals in mind: 

Animal Handling

Appalachian Abattoir partnered with livestock husbandry expert, Temple Grandin, to create a top-of-the-line facility. Appalachian Abattoir has curved cattle corrals, galvanized gates and access to fresh food and water for animals.

Worker Safety

Worker Safety is a top priority for Appalachian Abattoir and we provide our workers with modern and safe hydraulic equipment to ensure the quality of product and the safety of workers. 

Food Safety 

Appalachian Abattoir is the first meat processor in West Virginia to offer both USDA inspection and grading. We have a Food Safety Manager on staff that ensures we maintain our integrity for food safety. 


Appalachian Abattoir is a full-service USDA inspected harvest facility. Key features include:

  • SQF (Safe, Quality Food) Certified
  • USDA inspected plant
  • USDA grading services
  • Harvest, cut/wrap processing services
  • High-quality cuts and direct purchase from producers
  • Source verification for local products.
  • Quality packaging and labeling
  • Value-added product capabilities
  • Scalder and smokehouse on-site
  • Multi-species: beef, pork, lamb, goat *No bison, rabbits, deer or poultry
  • Animal welfare/humane handling

Visit the pricelist page for pricing, cut sheets and more information.

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