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From Food Service Distributor to Live Animal Harvest

Buzz Food Service doors opened its doors in the 1940s as a Food Service distributor. Unlike most food service distributors, Buzz Food Service never had access to live animal harvest. 

Buzz heard for years from chefs who wanted access to locally raised meat. However, with most animals being fed in the Mid West and West Virginia not having access to a modern meat processing facility, significant challenges were in the way of making locally raised meat a reality.  

When Buzz heard of the Abandoned Mine Lands (AML) Pilot Program award administered by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, the idea was born for Appalachian Abattoir.  To make the harvest facility a reality, Appalachian Abattoir has been working with several partners including the West Virginia Department of Agriculture, WVU Extension, Charleston Area Alliance, the West Virginia Small Business Development Center, the West Virginia National Guard, and Refresh Appalachia to facilitate the project. The new facility will create an estimated 25 to 30 full-time jobs and an additional 15 to 20 temporary jobs. 

Project goals include supply-chain development, job training, workforce and business development and opportunities for local farmers to participate in value-added product expansion. Costs covered by the grant include AML reclamation and remediation costs, land acquisition and related costs, site development, facility construction, meat processing equipment and operation costs.   

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