With construction still underway, we have decided to opt. for a conservative start to booking to allow for any construction delays that might come up. We would prefer to call producers looking for earlier dates to say we can move you sooner, rather than risk not being ready for your slaughter date. That said, we are ready to book into the 2022 future as far as you need at this point!


Booking for multi-species appointments starting in April 2022. Hogs/Beef will have separate days of the week. Limited capacity for early dates.


  1. Fill out an appointment request form below, or at this link: https://forms.gle/E7ydLs5HoEnbPud18
  2. Receive call back within 2 business days to confirm your scheduled week(s).
  3. Final dates/days of the week will be confirmed with producers. Our team will reach out as the building nears completion.

*Appointment requests are responded to in the order they are received. Appointment is NOT confirmed until you are contacted by phone, always within two business days.

For any questions please contact or call 304-533-2151